Tooth X-rayPLN 30
Examination of the oral Cavity with a review of the tooth under the microscopePLN 30
Tooth filling with a light-cured materialup from PLN 200
PREMIUM tooth filling with a light-cured material under a microscope with rubber damup from PLN 230
Tooth repair with a light-cured materialPLN 350
Filling a deciduous toothup from PLN 130
Tooth repair using glass fibre PLN 350
Root canal treatment
Root canal preparation with manual and mechanical toolsPLN 350
Root canal preparation with manual and mechanical tools under a microscopePLN 480
Filling of 1 canal by the thermoplastic methodPLN 200
Filling of 1 canal by the thermoplastic method under a microscopePLN 250
Filling of 1 canal by the lateral condensation methodPLN 150
Root canal opening/preparationPLN 350 / h
Root canal opening/preparation under a microscopePLN 480 / h
Deciduous tooth root canal treatmentPLN 300
DevitalizationPLN 180
Prevention and hygiene
Occlusal splint with facial arch and deprogramming (two visits)PLN 600
teeth varnishing (1/4 of a dental arch)PLN 30
scaling, polishing, oral cavity hygiene instructions PLN 130-180
sand-blasting, polishing, fluorization and oral cavity hygiene instructions — sand-blasting, polishing, fluorization and oral cavity hygiene instructionsPLN 150
scaling, sand-blasting, polishing, fluorization, oral cavity hygiene instructionsPLN 200-250
polishing and oral cavity hygiene instructionsPLN 60
preparing a child for the first visit to the dentist (advice for parents and an adaptation visit)PLN 100
teeth whitening at the clinicPLN 800
teeth whitening by the overlay method PLN 700
Dental surgery
permanent tooth extractionPLN 290-350
deciduous tooth extractionPLN 100-150
tooth/root canal chiseling/extraction of lower wisdom toothPLN 480
wisdom tooth chiselingPLN 550
root apex resectionPLN 600
single tooth implant (intraosseous element)PLN 2000-2450
tooth repair with an implantPLN 2000-3000
orthodontic extrusion (tooth crown lengthening), brace mountingPLN 250
every follow-up visitPLN 100
surgical lengthening of a tooth crownPLN 350
Dental prosthetics
composite veneerPLN 920
porcelain veneer emaxPLN 1500
porcelain crown on metalPLN 930
porcelain crown without metalPLN 1500
zirconia crowns (Lava)PLN 1500
porcelain crown on goldPLN 930 + price of gold
Partial denturePLN 1200
Complete denturePLN 1500
Skeletal denturePLN 1500
cast crown-root inlayPLN 920
glass fibre inlayPLN 350
locks/bolts combined workPLN 900
lock on a crown-root inlayPLN 700
cementation of a crown/bridgework not performed at our clinicPLN 180
addition of a clasp/tooth to a denture/gluing a denture after damagePLN 150
every other repaired element of a denture (clasp, tooth)PLN 100
Orthodontic consultationPLN 100
Orthodontic consultation + impressionsPLN 150
Presentation of treatment planPLN 150
Removable appliancePLN 450-900
Follow-up visit during treatment involving a removable appliancePLN 80
Standard braces (one arch)PLN 1800
Ligature-free braces (one arch)PLN 2500
Aesthetic braces (one arch)PLN 3500
Invisalign systemPLN 16 000
Follow-up visit during treatment with bracesPLN 100-200
Removal of braces with teeth cleaning (one arch)PLN 200
RetainerPLN 250
Removable retention bracesPLN 450
Aesthetic permanent braces (one arch)PLN 2600